Ballestas Islands and Oasis Costa Rica

Ballestas Islands and Oasis Costa Rica

$ 55.00

Tour Information


The Ballestas Islands tour is done in a modern boat with a duration of two hours, where we appreciate a geoglyph called "El Candelabro", cultural heritage with more than 2500 years old and with an extension of 170 meters and a depth of approximately 1.2 meters.
Then we go to the three islands known as "Ballestas Islands". They have unique tourist attractions, in which we can find extraordinary monuments carved in rocks such as the Arch of Desire, Profile of Christ, among others. We will observe a great diversity of aquatic birds, such as:
- Guano birds
- Curlews among others,
- Humboldt Penguins
- Pelicans
- Dolphins
- Sea lions
- There are more than 215 varieties of birds.


- The journey takes place in the middle of fields of yellow corn, cotton and other products. These farms are also surrounded by desert landscapes, made up of dunes and mirages everywhere.
- You will be able to be part of this unique tour in the desert in 4×4 tubular cars with specially modified bodywork for comfort and safety. We cross the Panamerican Highway South to enter the vast desert, we make a stop at the top of a dune to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us and take pictures.
- Then begins the journey through the desert of fine sand, duration of 3 hours approximately, where we will cross some dunes to reach the Oasis, to start the practice of a new sport.
- During the tour we will visit a private property, country house with an incredible natural lagoon for kayaking, paddle - paddle, boat ride, sandboarding.


Daily departures

Ballestas Islands: 08:00 / 09:00 / 10:00

Oasis of Costa Rica: 11:00 / 12:00 / 13:00 / 15:00


  Reception at the hotel in Paracas, bus station in Paracas or our office.

Official tour guide in English and Spanish.

Life jacket.




Boat ride


Does not include

SERNANP tourist entrance fee of S/. 11.00.

 Tourist entrance fee of S/. 5.00.




Ballestas Islands

- No one is allowed to get off the boat.

- Be at the office 15 minutes before the tour starts.

Oasis of Costa Rica

- Wearing a windbreaker

- Lenses

- Sunscreen

- Water

Ballestas Islands and Oasis Costa Rica

$ 55.00

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